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At Central Phoenix Dental Imaging, we use the latest technology to ensure a productive and comfortable experience for all patients. We are a completely digital office. All of our patient records are securely stored electronically, making it quicker and easier to review your files. To make it convenient for our patients, we also use text and email reminders for appointments. Once you are in the chair, we use advanced technology and equipment to better care for your needs. Some of our equipment includes:

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are offered at Central Phoenix Dental ImagingWith digital radiography, we can provide all patients with the most in-depth, diagnostic x-rays available today. Digital x-rays offer a magnification option that can detect even the smallest decay between your teeth, reveal bone loss, and any abnormalities in your mouth. Digital radiography is safer than traditional radiography, exposing patients to approximately 90% less radiation. Another benefit to digital radiography is the images can be viewed immediately on our computer screen, eliminating the time spent processing and mounting the traditional films.

Learn more about x-ray technology.

Intra Oral Camera

Intraoral cameras are offered at  Central Phoenix Dental ImagingIt is our utmost priority to provide each patient with the best quality of care and ensure that you are fully educated and an active participant in your oral healthcare. High-tech dental tools such as intra-oral cameras, allow our professional team to take high-resolution images of your teeth and examine the inside of your mouth as extensively as possible. The images will be conveniently displayed on the monitor and we can discuss any oral issues you have in real time. With this quick and painless procedure, we can more clearly point out any areas of concern and better explain treatment options. Intra-oral cameras are a fantastic tool to help reduce the mystery of why that tooth hurts when you chew or why that tooth feels different than the rest.

Soft Tissue Dental Laser

Laser Dentistry is offered at  Central Phoenix Dental ImagingLaser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. By incorporating a dental laser, we are able to provide patients with precision treatment that can minimize pain and recovery time. Some uses and benefits of soft tissue dental lasers include:
•  BIOPSY OR LESION REMOVAL. Lasers can be used to remove a small piece of tissue (called a biopsy) so that it can be examined for cancer. Lasers are also used to remove lesions in the mouth and relieve pain of canker sores and herpetic lesions. Additionally most removable procedures are suture free!
•  GUMMY SMILE. Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue to expose healthy tooth structure and improve the appearance of your smile.
•  MUSCLE ATTACHMENT (FENULA). A laser frenectomy is an ideal treatment option for children who are tongue tied. A laser frenectomy many also help eliminate speech impediments.
•  CROWN LENGTHENING. Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue to expose healthy underlying tooth structure. This comes into play if a tooth is broken below the gumline. This can help us save a tooth and provide a stronger foundation for the placement of a crown.
•  NO BLEEDING. Because treatment with a dental laser is precise and controlled, patients often experience little to no discomfort after use and no bleeding.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is offered at  Central Phoenix Dental Imaging We understand that dental appointments can be stressful for patients of all ages. Here at Premier Valley Dental we offer nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is a colorless and very mild sweet smelling gas that is administered via a mask over your nose. Nitrous oxide helps patients feel more relaxed and less nervous about dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is extremely safe. We have had extensive training and experience so we know how to accurately administer the appropriate flow of gas based on your size and age. It’s so safe that it’s even prescribed for children! Once the dental procedure is completed, you only need a few minutes for the gas to leave your body. Patients are able to resume normal activity leaving the dental office, there is absolutely no down or recovery time needed.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Ultrasonic scalers are offered at  Central Phoenix Dental ImagingUltrasonic scalers have revolutionized periodontal therapy in the past several years. The use of ultrasonic devices has dramatically improved the practice of dental hygiene with more efficient removal of dental plaque. One of the many benefits include decreased treatment time, especially for patients who have heavy deposits of tartar (or calculus). Additionally, the ultrasonic tips are not sharp causing less tissue trauma and sensitivity compared to traditional scalers. Lastly, ultrasonic devices are excellent for heavy stain removal that may otherwise be tedious to remove by hand- so rest assured, you can now enjoy your coffee or wine!


Your health and safety is  Central Phoenix Dental ImagingHere at Premier Valley Dental your health and safety is our upmost priority. We take pride in treating patients in a clean and safe environment. We use the highest quality sterilization equipment and strictly abide by OSHA’s regulatory standards. All team members have mandatory OSHA training.

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